BostonFIG Talks: January 28 (Boston)

PAXEast: March 10-12 (Boston)

SXSW: March 16-18 (Austin)

Origins: June 14-18 (Columbus)

GenCon: August 17-20 (Indianapolis)

PAXWest: September (Seattle)

BFIG: September (Boston)

PAXUnplugged: November 17-19 (Philadelphia)


The Role of Randomness in Game Design

(BostonFIG Talks January 28)


Random: The Dirtiest Word In Tabletop

(PAXEast March 10, 11am in Arachnid)


Being an Artist in the Game Industry and How to Get There

(PAXEast March 10, 1:30pm in Bumblebee)


Tabletop Design: Make Fancy Dumb Stuff!

(PAXEast March 10, 5pm in Condor)


Being A Dad While Developing Games

(PAXEast March 11, 6pm in Bumblebee)


Tabletop Game Design: The Impact of Materials

(SXSW March 17)